How to order the perfect bridal dress?

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Wedding is perhaps the biggest event in a couple’s life. It certainly changes life as we know it for both individuals. The ceremony itself is filled with fanfare and much is demanded by the couple to look perfect! So how does one choose a perfect bridal dress?

Here are 5 simple tips to order your perfect dress-

  1. Based on occasion- You may want to ask yourself, is it the time to wear a traditional dress, or let your hair down in that stunning evening gown? Depending on the type of occasion, event and expectation, you should make a decision.
  2. Set your budget- The key to buying the perfect dress is to stay in one’s limit and never go overboard. Whilst, the high price tag designer gown might seem tempting, try and consider the actual value over a period of time.
  3. Identify the right fabric- Choose a fabric that really looks good for a special occasion. For example, velvet looks very rich if your want to go for a wedding party, whereas, raw and natural silk gives a very simple yet elegant look. The choice of fabric is really important for the overall look and feel.
  4. Kind of work- Choose between subtle threadwork to heavy sequin work depending on the style statement you wish to make! To wear a simple embroidered lehenga or a hot cocktail gown depends on your comfort and confidence level. Never buy a dress you may feel uncomfortable wearing.
  5. Pair with matching accessories- Pair your dress with matching jewelry and accessories like clutch or a handbag for the perfect look which puts you in the spotlight!

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